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Mirsamad Pourseyedigolakhour is the biggest winner of 2014 Tour of Fuzhou Yongtai.
The Iranian and current UCI Asia Tour leader Mirsamad Pourseyedi
It was an unbelievable and unexpected performance by the Iranians here in China, reasserting themselves as the dominant climbers on the Asian tour...
Tabriz as Iranians Sweep Podium on Fuzhou Mountain Stage
High atop a mountain outside of Fuzhou, China, spectators, race officials and team staff anxiously awaited the finish of the most difficult stage of the 2014 Tour of Fuzhou...
Shpilevsky Go Head to Head as Tour of Fuzhou Gets Underway
While most professional cyclists are well into their off season at this time of year, 22 squads found their way to Fuzhou,for one last race of the year, the 3 stage Tour of Fuzhou...
2014 Tour of Fuzhou: Press Conference Media Release
The press conference of the third edition of Tour of Fuzhou is held on 7th November in Fuzhou.
2013 Tour of Fuzhou Yongtai welcome 19 cycling Teams total 107 riders for three-days competition.
2013 Tour of Fuzhou ST3: HOCHMANN won stage 3
From Czech ADP team No. 2 Hackman rushed to stage of the championship, and with this victory in the sprint standings over RTS Taipei sendi guest team No. 12 Boris...
2013 Tour of Fuzhou ST2: RTS doubles up, EMAMI won the mountain stage
RTS from Taipei sendi guest team No. 13 Iran’s Lahham (Rahim Emami) in a rather dangerous climbing stage, the use of personal ability and the strength of the team to dominate the cloud top...
2013 Tour of Fuzhou ST1: SHPILEVSKY from RTS won
“EBOHR Cup” Fuzhou 2013 international road cycling race in first stages, from Fuzhou to Yongtai. RTS from Taipei sendi guest team No. 12 ...
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