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Race Time:11/8-11/12
November 1, Fuzhou • Yongtai International Cycling Tournament Press Conference was held in Fuzhou Jin Yi Hotel (No.151 Middle Road), with Wang Jianguo, secretary-general of China Cycling Association and Zhang Han, director of Fuzhou Sports Bureau attended the press conference Press conference and speech.

The ring Fuzhou • Yongtai International Cycling Tournament has been running since 2012 and has been held for five consecutive years. After years of development, it has been recognized and praised by UCI and participating teams and has developed into a high-level bicycle Race and domestic bike one of the international brand events.

The Fuzhou Yongtai International Road Cycling Tour will be held in Fuzhou on November 8-12. The event was sponsored by China Cycling Association, Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau, Fuzhou Municipal People's Government, Fuzhou Sports Bureau, Changle Municipal People's Government, Lianjiang County People's Government and Yongtai County People's Government. Shanghai Wansheng Culture and Sport Industry Co., Race operation. The entire event lasted five days and the event was registered at the International Cycling Union as a 2.1 level with a total event length of 589.4 kilometers. Has now confirmed the entry of 14 countries and regions in the 22 teams, players this year, strong.

Competition schedule is as follows:

The first stage of November 8: Fuzhou stage, the entire about 107.4 kilometers, starting at the end of the horsetail, located at the end of the Kuling Wong Silicone Park;

The second stage of November 9: Changle city circle race, the entire 109.2 km, starting and ending points are located in the East Lake VR town;

The third stage of November 10: Lianjiang stage, the entire 114.6 km, the starting point is located in the Lianjiang Gui'an water world, the end is located in Lianjiang People's Square;

The fourth stage of November 11: Yongtai stage, the entire 130.8 km, starting at the station in Yongtai Avenue (six pavilion a Center), the town of Songkou culture, the terminal is located in Genting Scenic Area;

Fifth stage November 12: Yongtai circle race, the entire 127.4 km, from the terminal are located in the station Avenue (six centers).

This year's event compared with previous years, there are several highlights of the features:

First, the high quality of the event

The racing section covers almost all road cycling competitions including the climbing competitions for the climbing players similar to the "Tour de France Alps" Yongtai Chengguan - Wing Tai Genting; the most perfect stage for a cycling event with a combination of competing players Jiangui Water World - Lianjiang People's Square and suitable for Ping Road Sprint stage Changle Donghu VR town. Many intercontinental bicycle teams and national teams in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia have included them in the annual program events and are actively applying for entries.

The event coincided with the opening ceremony of the China Badminton Championships (Fuzhou Railway Station) and the "Maritime Silk Road" International Tourism Festival. During the tournament, the hot spring festival, Food Festival and "View Tournament • Tour of Fuzhou" were held to make Fuzhou ∙ Yongtai bicycle touring carnival, only on-site participation of the audience up to millions of people, a high profile sports tourism brand.

Second, good service guarantee

There are no accidents so far. Safety and security protection is strong, including the deployment of the end of the fire emergency vehicles, ambulances, health care workers and the police car maintenance site order; Food and Drug Administration every day to stay at the hotel for food safety testing, and food in all hotels in Yongtai County Requirements; the event has successfully promoted Yongtai five-star standard "Xiangmi La Hot Springs Hotel" put into use to achieve high-star hotel in Yongtai County Zero breakthroughs, while Wing Tai and Lianjiang are planning to build a number of quality hotels to address the growing demand for tourists; volunteer Coordination of staff and staff in place, a total of arranging a variety of shuttle vehicles hundreds of times, so that all relevant personnel have a proper car arrangements, organizing a series of tourism activities for the participants and viewers to provide scenic tickets, and more than 20 Fuzhou Key scenic spots jointly launched the ticket limit exemption and other benefits of people policy; commercial city is being built, relying on the race to promote the development of environmentally friendly Fuzhou characteristics of local products.

Third, marketing strong

This year, the television broadcast has changed a lot from previous years. In order to expand publicity and attract young audiences to watch our events, this year we plan to hold over 10 TV programs in Southeast TV, Fuzhou TV, CCTV and Tencent, Ikki Arts, Hi Sports, The network television station simultaneously broadcast live events. At the same time, the latest media coverage of social media is incorporated into the full coverage of mainstream media and professional media in China. On this basis, the introduction of more focused international media coverage will further enhance the global visibility of the competition. Wing Wing Holdings, Thai Wo Group, the foreground garden, Maisenlan, Jianzhan Gifts, Pepsi, Zhen Wei number, Beilian catering, Oasis Fitness, Zona costumes, Spa and a Huayong Construction Group more than 20 well-known domestic and foreign Businesses are deeply involved in setting the stage for event sustainability.

Fourth, the activities of high efficiency

The competition greatly enhanced the popularity of Fuzhou, Changle, Lianjiang and Yongtai both at home and abroad; promoted the development of bicycle tourism in Fuzhou, drove sports activities, promoted fitness for all, and accelerated the construction of spiritual civilization with higher standards; vigorously promoted Improve the construction of public service facilities, greatly facilitate the travel of tourists; driven by eating, drinking and travel entertainment industry development, sports tourism driven economic development.

Fifth, the track environment United States

Relying on the stage of the plains, hills, mountains and other diversified topography and landform design is not only suitable for sprint players flat stage, but also for climbing players in challenging mountain section. Beautiful natural environment, good air quality, along the way through the cedar Wangfujing Park in Fuzhou, Changle's East Lake VR town, hot springs and town of Panyu Pandu Guiyan and Yongtai Tai Zhangxi, Tianmenshan, hot springs Fuzhou tourism hot spots Qingyun Mountain The scenic area, Baijigou, Genting and other major tourist attractions, to achieve a perfect combination of sports and tourism landscape, is an athlete to stimulate an unforgettable sports experience, visitors, the audience is more visual impact and spiritual enjoyment.

Sixth, cultural characteristics concentrated

Event site overall image of the output and design concepts lead, its concept of running the game, the style is often used to observe the same race. Events have original events VI, and fully used in event derivatives, signs, certificate atlas, sponsor products. In addition to commemorative clothing, U disk, keychain, water bottle and other events souvenirs, the ongoing in-depth development of creativity and local characteristics of cultural and creative souvenirs.

Fuzhou has the natural advantages of green mountains and green hills, grasping the advantages of historical opportunities of the state-level new area, free trade pilot area, maritime Silk Road core area, national ecological civilization pilot area and China's independent innovation demonstration area "multi-area superimposition" Sports City as a strategic goal, tap the abundance of outdoor mountain resources and the location characteristics of coastal areas, and vigorously promote the integration of sports tourism development.
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