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- Fuzhou -
About Fuzhou Located in the east of Fujian Province and the lower reach of Minjiang River, Fuzhou is given the name of “the City of Banyan” for the banyan trees planted widely in this city. Fuzhou has another name of “Three Hills” because it is home to three hills, i.e. Pingshan, Wushan and Yushan, which stand like the three legs of a tripod in the city. It was dubbed as“Zuohai” for lying in the southeastern coast of China. Fuzhou city is with 5 districts, 5 counties and 2 cities under its jurisdiction, which cover a total area of 12,000 sq km. The urban area is 1,043 sq km, among which the current urban area is 250 sq km. Fuzhou city boasts a permanent population of 7,270,000, among which 2,980,000 of them live in the urban area. Fuzhou is a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 3,000,000 overseas Chinese with roots in Fuzhou, who distribute in over 140 countries and regions around the world. Fuzhou is the earliest coastal city opening up to the outside world and a National Civilized City as well.In recent years, the whole city from leadership to the masses, guided by the Scientific Development Perspectives, has been earnestly trying to capture the significant historic chances of building the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone which is supported by the Central Government, devoting major efforts to developing open-economy, constructing the Fuzhou Metropolitan Area actively and advancing the modernization of Mawei New City in a faster manner. We take reform and development as the motive to lay equal stress on “Three-zations” (new style of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization), accelerate the combined development of “Three Clusters” (clusters of ports, industries and cities) and push the project ,matchmaking among “Three Dimensions” (centrally controlled state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and FIE). Motivated by a desire of “dare-to-do, able-to-do and live-to-do”, we endeavor to establish 6 industry clusters worth 100 billion yuan, including electronic information industry, machinery and equipment industry, textile and clothing industry, petroleum and chemical industry, light industry and food industry, metallurgy and architectural material industry, etc. and foster more than 15 enterprises with separate values of 10 billion yuan. At the same time we will forge Fuzhou as an advanced manufacturing base on the western Taiwan Straits, modern service centre, industry centre of cultural originality, city with powerful marine economy, key city of tourism with natural and cultural resources and famous destination city for tourists. We greatly promote the pilot campaign of exchanges and cooperation between Fuzhou and Taiwan. We will build an industry matchmaking concentration zone between Fuzhou and Taiwan in Minjiang Estuary, key base for cross-Straits cultural exchanges, pilot city for cross-Straits exchanges and cooperation and comprehensive hub and main passageway for cross-Straits direct visits. We will build a new open, civilized, harmonious and happy Fuzhou on a higher start point. Fuzhou’s economic construction and various social undertakings have been advanced by leaps and bounds.A new high was scored in economic aggregates. By further optimizing and upgrading the industrial structure, the industrial layout became more reasonable.
- Yongtai -
About Yongtai Located in the northwest of Fuzhou City, Yongtai is surrounded by green mountains and wound by clean waters on the extensive land of 2241 sq.km. With forest coverage rate up to 72.5%, Yongtai is honored as the key county of forestry production of Fujian Province, the Best Tourism Destination of Fujian, the Excellent Tourism County of China and National Ecological County. Dazhanghe River, the mother river of Yongtai, flows from west to east, whose basin covers an area of 1786 sq.km. The hydro-energy deposit here is the richest in Fujian. Besides, it is also rich in geothermal resources, together with high water quality and temperature.In the second Year of Yongtai of Tang Dynasty (766AD), Yongtai County was established. The 1200 years’ historical accumulation contributes to the humanistic connotations of Yongtai. During the period of Qiandao, Song Dynasty, the students from Yongtai won three championships in seven years, which became a great event of imperial examination of Sony Dynasty. Zhang Yuangan, a famous patriotic poet, initiated a new style of poem at that time. Some schools of Chinese South Boxing, like Tiger-respecting Boxing, were originated here, and now their successors are among the whole world.Ecological and Green County has become the development direction and instruction of Yongtai in the future. High-speed trails and expressways appeared in a short time, which brought with new development opportunities. The new industrial zones have been established in Yongtai one after another, including Haixi Culture and Innovation Zone, Fujian Strait Film base, Zhonghaichuang Ecotypic Science Park and so on. New hi-tec industries and the attractive scenery of Yongtai are interacting with each other. The reform of three streams and six shores highlights the new page of “Green Rise”. With three parks lying in the same city, beautiful night scenes look like the streets in paradise. Mountains, waters, forests exist in harmony with the city, and a totally new Yongtai is rising stably on the west side of the Straits.
- Yunding -
The Yunding Tourist Resort is on the top of Qingyun Mountain, a key national scenic spot of China, located in Yongtai County of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. With a coverage of 36 sq km, the resort is only 90 km far away from Fuzhou City. In accordance with the construction of Five-A Standard, the Easy-Tour Tourism Group has invested 1 billion yuan to build it into a comprehensive tourism destination, combined with sightseeing, well-being, adventure and scientific education. With the ambition of building the resort as a new provincial traveling landmark, proud by all people in Fuzhou, and the exclusive Capital City Mountain Leisure Resort throughout China, the Yunding Tourist Resort is proudly named as “Shangri-la of Fujian”.The Yunding Tourist Resort is respectively composed of three scenic spots, namely Flower-sea Terrace Scenic Spot, Tianchi Meadow Scenic Spot and Alpine and Gorge Scenic Spot, which includes Colorful Waterfall Scenic Spot, Red River Valley Scenic Spot and Jade Valley Scenic Spot.
- Sponors -