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Ge Waci third stage sprint champion Mi Sama Reign
November 16, 2014 · Third Ring Fuzhou Yongtai International Road Cycling Race in Yongtai County ushered wrap station - "Kenda tire" Yongtai Criterium. Mo Er Weita from Ukraine intercontinental team Mattia Gavazzi is apparently unwilling to go home empty handed, play a strong attack in the last large group sprint, the successful breakout from the large group of middle and handsome finish line first, winning single races, while harvesting the final green jersey sprint king. From the Chinese Taipei team of high Shite Xiao Shixin (HSIA O Shih Hsin) and Seoul intercontinental team Pushang Xun (Park Sang Hoon) ranked second and third. Championship final to win the yellow jersey was solo yesterday Iran Tabriz Petrochemical Team Mirsamad Pourseyedigolakhour wear away. As today's stage no climbing points, so climbing Wang is still no change in polka-dot jersey winner Thor library holdings by the Turkish enamel mention intercontinental team rider Chris (Fatih Keles). Greater China Best in white aspect, Liujianpeng from China Shandong Hengxiang intercontinental team managed to keep, and smooth away. The total score of the first team groups are scooped the top three stage yesterday swept Iran Tabriz Petrochemical Team. China Shandong Hengxiang intercontinental team won the Greater China Best Group.

Today, like yesterday's game with the Yongtai County District located in Fuzhou City. Yongtai County, referred to Zhang, Blair said Yeongyang, located in the eastern, southwestern Fujian Fuzhou, is one of eight counties and five districts in Fuzhou. Everywhere in the mountains, the largest tributary of the Minjiang River downstream Dazhangxi from west to east, across the whole territory, forming a corridor-style Valley, is "eight mountains of water a sub-fields," the typical mountain counties, the forest coverage rate reached 76.8 percent.

Water Dazhangxi of green, fresh air. On both sides of mountains, beaches, rocks, pebbles, reeds, bamboo scenery. Chu River crossing the river welcome facing Creek hill that is the Department of Longshan, Yamagata exquisitely delicate, there is praise poem "peaks embedded pine, disk space overlooking the water truly. Good wind mountain outside to, and for the old Dragons." And on both sides of the track Yongtai onion bakery everywhere! Popular for decades pancake, its visibility and reputation comparable to ancient secluded gorge Wun, Chibi rafting, bungee Zhang River, conquered the taste buds of generations, many tourists come here especially. Freshly baked onion bread, a moment later it extremely crisp; bite a small mouth, Congxiang, meaty, fragrant sesame Xiangchun teeth. As the final stage of this ring Fuzhou title sponsor, "Kenda tire" provides the most professional support and services. Founded in 1962, "Kenda tire", represents the highest level of manufacturing in Taiwan tire industry. We are committed to developing a series of functional compounds to suit the needs of different road surfaces, providing excellent grip, low rolling resistance and superior resistance to puncture force.

Today, the total length of 115.5 km stage, flat road stage race in Beijing 9:00 whole time made guns, 3.5 km of honor after the game started riding. From the end of the stage it is located in Yongtai Station Square. The way has two sprint points, which are located 27 km stage first and second at 63.4 km punishable. Carla intercontinental team veteran from Milan Kadlec today will usher in the final game of his career. Before the game, he said, China's cycling is constantly evolving. He was glad his last fight in the ring can be performed Fuzhou · Yongtai International Road Cycling Race. As today's stage belongs to the flat road Criterium, while Misa Ma won yesterday's stage in the basic lock championship yellow jersey, so a large group of pull is not intense. 13 km after five riders prominent large groups, namely Hong Kong, China team Jing Yue, China Giant intercontinental professional team of Bai Lijun, Seoul intercontinental team Zheng and full (JUNG Ha Jeon) and teammate Lee Ki tin (LEE Ki Suk), Uzbekistan national Timur · Gumeiluofu (GUMEROV Timur).

Leading Group and the gap remains large group of about 40 seconds, to secure the yellow jersey of the Iranian Tabriz Petrochemical Team rider and Kara intercontinental team rider breakaway alternately, control large group rhythm. Lee Ki won the first sprint points tin homeopathy, obtain a second behind Bai Lijun, Zhang Jing Yue third. To maintain the pace of the game all the way to the first 64 kilometers, the Leakey tin and Jing music once again force the two breakaway success will throw off the other three, Leakey tin is redouble our efforts to win the second sprint point, Jing music followed. Bai Lijun left behind struggled alone in third place by the second sprint point. The success of large corporations in the last lap to catch up with the leading two groups, before the finish line no accident ushered in a large group sprint, after the last corner establish the lead, in front of an open let firepower The Ge Waci Yuezhanyueyong throw off other competitors from the middle and successfully won Fuzhou last this ring a single station, wearing the green jersey sprint king. Yellowjackets interview after the game said: "With the end of yesterday's game after 20 seconds of advantage, so the whole game we absolutely no pressure to get this yellow jersey is not only a personal honor or us. the team's greatest honor, more to be able to bring honor to their country. " Polka-dot jersey enamel mention Chris said: "Yesterday I had become the tournament's first climbing points in today's game feel more relaxed, more to enjoy this game, with the whole team at the successful completion of the race. "

In white Liujianpeng then he said: "Today's game was a good experience feel very happy happy thank Fuzhou people came to watch the game, I hope we will meet next year..!"

Thus, in 2014 the third ring Fuzhou · Yongtai International Road Cycling Race through three stages after total 370.6 km of intense competition successful conclusion, welcoming staff and a good game environment to have left a deep impression. I believe in all aspects of care and supervision, Fuzhou ring next year will be even more exciting, memorable, let us next year Goodbye!
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