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Gavazzi Wins Stage, Pourseyedi Secures Yellow On Final Day at Tour of Fuzhou
November 15, 2014 · Third Ring Fuzhou Yongtai International Road Cycling Race usher in the second stage - "KMC Transmission" Wing Tai Cup - Genting. As this ring Fuzhou "Queen Stage", the difficulty is high tournament Road includes a 9 km long, cumulative climb of nearly 800 meters height level climbing. Finally from Iran Tabriz Petrochemical Team of Mirsamad Pourseyedigolakhour with superior personal climbing ability, 10 kilometers before the end of breakout success alone, And successful solo over the line, while the total score standings behind in the first Misa Ma took the yellow jersey from Boris hands smoothly. While his teammate Amir Amir Kolahdozhagh and Ge Erde · Meads Barney Ghader Mizbani iranagh also play Well, hand in hand with the second third round. So far, Iran's Tabriz Petrochemical Team today's stage three riders swept the top three. Continue to retain the green jersey sprint king Kara intercontinental team players sprint KANKOVSKY Alois. Climbing Wang polka-dot jersey The winner is the one climbing points scored today Turkey intercontinental team rider Thor library enamel mention Chris (Fatih Keles). Greater China is the best in white from China Shandong Heng Xiang Liu Jianpeng intercontinental team wear away.

Today's game located in Yongtai County, Fuzhou. Yongtai County, referred to Zhang, Blair said Yeongyang, located in the eastern, southwestern Fujian Fuzhou, is one of eight counties and five districts in Fuzhou. Everywhere in the mountains, the largest tributary of the Minjiang River downstream Dazhangxi from west to east, across the whole territory, forming a gallery style Valley, is "eight mountains of water a sub-fields," the typical mountain counties, the forest coverage rate reached 76.8 percent.

Yongtai tourism rich in natural resources, Mesozoic Jurassic and early Cretaceous massive volcanic eruption, creating a mix of volcanic landscape. Currently the county has developed eco-tourism area 16, it has been named the "national key scenic spots", "national 4A grade tourism Area "," National Water Conservancy Scenic Spot "," China Excellent Tourism County "," best tourist destination in Fujian Province ", Fujian Province," the top ten most beautiful homes air. "Formed with eco-tourism mainly to cover natural tourism, green ecology, leisure, spa and fitness, folk religion And other content of tourist routes, the rapid rise in recent years to become the West Coast important ecological tourist destination. "KMC Drive" as the title sponsor today's stage of the long-term commitment to the design and manufacture of the chain, always get the market since the 1977 creation of the KMC brand recognition, winning the title of "chain expert". For a long time KMC always adhere to a number of the country, including rings, including Fuzhou International top events to provide professional chain products and provide more support to domestic sponsor professional team.

Today's second stage a total length of 133 km, has a Level 2 uphill (first at 74.8 km), level 1 climb (first at 115.7 km) and a sprint points en route (first at 92.1 km). Game time hair gun at 9:00 GMT, the starting point is located in Yongtai County, South City The Railway Station Square, after the historical and cultural towns in China Town Song Genting resort to usher the final sprint.

Departs - Yongtai Station, Station Square and is divided into two parts, the public square, as the train entered the station square Yongtai the first facade, architectural design based on the mountain type, homeopathy, after the formation of low high before, forward-looking posture , standing in front of the square can overview South City, Enjoy the Metro style. 15 kilometers after the start of the game, five breakaway riders and stay ahead of a large group of advantages, namely Azerbaijan, Baku intercontinental team Enver Asanov, Turkey Thor library intercontinental team Ferit · Sa Muli Feritcan Samli, China Shandong Hengxiang intercontinental team of horses Optic, China Giant - Intercontinental Champion System team Jiang Zhihui and Iran Tabriz Petrochemical Team of Hamei De (Hamid Shirisisan).

Five leading riders all the way to the time gap is widening, once came two minutes. After the first climbing points Iran Tabriz Petrochemical Team of first to win two climbing climbing seven points, followed by Jiang Zhihui and horse lumen over the line. Then sprint point located first stage Red tin Township at 92.1 km. As a national ecological village, the territory of two mountain peaks, across the river confrontation, such as the dragon phase data. According to legend, the original river a red boulder, people call "Pearl", each in the moonlight night, Akaishi will shine, the color silver Bairu Xi, the villagers call it as " Red tin ", boulders and two mountain and said," Dragons ", then submitted the" red tin "in the name. The only horse to win the sprint points lumen of the stage in the Jiang Zhihui and Ferit contention .

100 km race to be recovered after all riders to break a large group, large group will usher in the first stage of 115.7 kilometers located at a climbing points, as the biggest surprise in this stage. The Royal Spa Wing Tai climbing points adjacent area, surrounded by mountains and scenic, southeast of stalagmite Hill, West of Goose Dou mountain, peaks everywhere, cliffs Zheng Ying; south canyon streams; bird's-eye view may be far north of Yongtai mountain. Turkey intercontinental team rider Thor library enamel mention Chris erupted last minute effort, good hands stand out from the many climbing, successfully taking all nine points.

After the game came the last 10 kilometers, Misa Ma finally showing its powerful climbing ability, after the successful breakout success in the final uphill distance from other drivers and successfully won this year in the form of solo ring Fuzhou months People first single race.

Misa Ma in an interview after the game said: "Today is very honored to be here to win, it is possible to get such a big prize in the ring Fuzhou this game, I feel very happy, I really like this game Fuzhou ring through. Over today's game, I and my teammates can become the top three. And tomorrow's game is a relatively short track, so I have no pressure, the championship for us is determined to win the. "

Greater China won the best Liu Jianpeng it is said: "Today wanted to come to this game is to learn from, so the game also has been followed by a large team, tomorrow or listen to some of the coach's plan to continue to refuel."

November 16, 2014 · Third Ring Fuzhou Yongtai International Road Cycling Race to usher in the third stage - "Kenda tire" Wing Tai Cup Criterium. As this last stage ring Fuzhou, all jersey will usher in their respective Final winner, wonderful scores will be worth our expectations.
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