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2014 Tour of Fuzhou: Press Conference Media Release
The press conference of the third edition of Tour of Fuzhou is held on 7th November in Fuzhou.Supported by the country’s general sports administration and local government, the three-day tour proved to be a success for the past two years, and has become one of the major sport event in local area. This year Tour of Fuzhou will run from 14th Nov to 16th Nov.

     132 riders from 22 professional teams will be challenged by three stages covering a total distance of 370.6 kilometres.

     The tour starts in Fuzhou along Min river, and will run across the cultural town, Songkou in Yongtai, and also mountain areas around the region as well, revealing the rich culture and beautiful nature of Fujian province to the world.

     As usual, the tour consists of three stages. The first stage, Giant Fuzhou Circuit Race, covers 122.1km; the second stage, KMC Chain Fuzhou – Yunding, 133km; the third stage, Kenda Yongtai Circuit race, 115.5km. The challenging but pleasant route features both flat road and mountain climbs.

     The overall leader’s team of last year, RTS Santic has brought its excellent sprinter Boris and its great climber Nino this time to defend the champion. China’s local cycling team, Hengxiang Continental Team, is one of the best Chinese road race team. The team’s rider, Meiyin Wang, slipped on yellow jersey in the recent Tour of Hainan on third stage, and was the first Chinese rider ever to wear the yellow jersey. Meiyin was also the first rider to wear four leading jerseys at the same time at Tour of Langkawi in the history. Hengxiang’s other riders are also competitive, including national champion and Jinbiao Zhao and Guangtong Ma. Tour of Fuzhou is now not only Fuzhou’s showcase to the world, but is also anticipated by numerous local cycling fans.

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