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2013 Tour of Fuzhou ST3: HOCHMANN won stage 3, SHPILEVSKY takes over all
“EBOHR Cup” Fuzhou 2013 international road cycling race third stage, Yongtai criterium. From Czech ADP team No. 2 Hackman rushed to stage of the championship, and with this victory in the sprint standings over RTS Taipei sendi guest team No. 12 Boris, grab the ring Fuzhou sprint King green sweater from its hands!

     Today the stage length of 108.8 kilometers, road way for stage, there are 2 sprint grab points (34.8 km, 70.9 km). After yesterday very hard climbing competition, each team sprint in hand they will use the last day of the competition to win points for the ultimate ranking tournament. Before the game, China Wansheng team coach Zhang Yongzhe said, “our goal today is the final sprint, may give way sprint points, try to make Jiang Zhihui and Xue Chaohua safety escort to sprint to the finish 300 meters before the bend.”

     Yongtai County Fuzhou after watching people ring by the media referred to as a “huge crowds of people in the last year”. And this year, spectacular shows again. Whether road or lane side, or on the hillside, everywhere filled with spontaneous came along to watch the crowd.

     The game in the 9 a.m. start time, weather, temperature of 21 degrees celsius. The pace of the game fairly stable, because according to yesterday’s achievement after match, today the biggest variables will appear in a Wang Lv shirt for sprint. Taipei sendi guest, RTS Czech ADP the two be well-matched in strength in the team sprint to spare no effort in the whole game process in control of the situation.

     The first sprint points, Czech ADP team No. 1 Milan (Milan Kadlec) washed first, Taipei RTS send guest No. 12 Boris second, also from ADP’s No. 2 Hackman third. Later, China Wansheng team 115 Bai Lijun offensive in the mass of the front, and brought out a 6 breakout group.

     6 people rode 30 km after the start of the impact of second sprint points in clusters of ahead. China Malak team No. 145 Turhan (Tuulkhangai Tuguldur) washed first, Malaysia national team 76 Mohamed (Misbah Muhamad Rauf Nur) to obtain second, China Wansheng team 115 Bai Lijun won third.

     The leading group is large group recovered in 82 kilometers, the game eventually enter the large group sprint. However, the drivers through right bend before the end of 300 meters, back big group occurred more than fell accident, drivers are affected, clusters of pulled apart. In front of the team Hackman has not been the impact of accidents, to forward to a multi body won the Fuzhou ring last station single station champion, score of 2 hours 25 minutes 02 seconds. Second is obtained from the national team of Uzbekistan No. 86 Roslan (Ruslan Karimov), red Milan third.

    “The game of two players on the podium, a still champion, also grab the general sprint points the green unlined upper garment, you said there are more than a more fun?” After the Czech ADP team leader smile.

    In addition, a joy for the team is of course RTS Taipei sendi guest, “we are very happy, although Boris did not keep the green unlined upper garment, but we keep the yellow jersey and team first. Boris the consumption of too much physical strength yesterday, but that was because he is in make a contribution to his teammates and the team! Lost Lvshan nothing!” Leader Andy Ling commented.

    Although Qinghai God save Germany team owner Wu Peilun by white shirt before the end of the crash spread, but the Chinese best driver white shirt and finally placed in his bag. While climbing Wang dot shirt yesterday is a foregone conclusion, by the Czech ADP Milan heart. Group achievements, RTS send guest won the group first, China Wansheng team won the Greater China group first.

    At this point, “EBOHR Cup” the 2013 central Fuzhou international road cycling race ended. Let us look forward to next year!
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