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2013 Tour of Fuzhou ST2: RTS doubles up, EMAMI won the mountain stage
“EBOHR Cup” Fuzhou 2013 international road cycling race second stage to Genting, Yongtai. RTS from Taipei sendi guest team No. 13 Iran’s Lahham (Rahim Emami) in a rather dangerous climbing stage, the use of personal ability and the strength of the team to dominate the cloud top, RTS Taipei sendi guest team gain another victory, winning the second single station champion!

     Today’s stage length of 150.6 kilometers, the way a sprint grab points (37 km) and two climbing point (91.7 km, 134.4 km).

     Last year the first session of the Fuzhou games, the same stage, China team Hongkong young fellow Cai Qihao dominate the genting. And the final stage of 25 kilometers of high difficulty climbing also after a long period of time by many drivers and fans who indulge in elaborating on. Therefore, this year the second session of the Fuzhou before the game, many teams are not neglect, not hesitate to deploy forces, the team has been in the China attended the other match sprint into climbing hand, be prepared to meet the challenge, expect in this stage DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED mountain. Which is the Czech ADP team, RTS team, Taipei sendi guest Chinese Wansheng team, the Hongkong team Chinese.

     “Yesterday, if we do not get the yellow jersey of words, may be easier to. Because if only second, third, the former 125 km today Ping Lu stage we can not go to the defense. And now, in front of 3 hours of the game may want us to go after, because we are the Yellow shirt.” Before the start of the yellow jersey, Boris (Boris SHPILEVSKY) belongs to RTS team — Taipei sendi guest leader Andy Lin told reporters described the team will face new challenges, “so, the case for us There are both advantages and disadvantages. We will anti blocking 125 kilometers ahead someone escape phenomenon, will select several climbing opponent to see anti. Boris will be in the mountains before the lieutenant, don’t let the leading group more than 2-3 minutes, so we have the ability to climb 3 player in our team in to climbing, after watching their strength and luck.”

     The game at 9 a.m. start time, the weather is sunny, the temperature at 21 degrees celsius. The driver after starting, large group in front of the attack is not firm, the first 30 kilometers has maintained a large mission ahead, while the rhythm control most is Czech ADP team.

     Although the first sprint points before 4 kilometers appeared breakout group of 15 people, but also lasted 200 m spacing was mass of recovery. In the sprint points in the contest, China actuating force from Hainan No. 166, Zhao Kang took the first, Czech ADP team 2, Hackman second, in the third row from the Uzbekistan international team 86 Roslan (Ruslan Karimov).

     Sprint points after a 4 person team formed in front of the leading group, and will gradually widening gap between. They are from Czech ADP team No. 5, Philippines 7-11 team No. 51, Holland RDW team No. 103 and No. 144 Malach China team.

     The breakout group will continue to expand the lead, the largest gap for 1 minutes and 27 seconds. Then large group, RTS send guest team is firmly in the rhythm of the game, even the yellow shirt is Boris in riding ahead, everything is in the RTS send the visiting control.

     The leading group disintegrated in 87 kilometers, the first climbing, from the Czech team 1 ADP Milan (Milan Kadlec) in Polka Dot Jersey crossed the line first, followed by teammate Francesco 5, (Frantisek SISR), the third is the Chinese team 145 tours Malak Han (Tuulkhangai Tuguldur). The game, although there are riders to break through, but are not threatened. Second climbing, Uzbekistan national team 82 Toicher (Vladmir Tuychiev) was the first, RTS send the visiting team 13 Lahham second, Algeria VCS team 46 Hamza (Faycal Hamza) third.

    Before the last 25 kilometers of mountain road is more difficult than climbing uphill road, plus the steep front and rear, began to have the driver distance. The last 5 kilometers, 9 riders led by Milan leading group of 1 minutes and 03 seconds. The last 2 kilometers, RTS send guest team No. 13 Lahham begins to send force, he eventually leading to get second of the Holland team Amsterdam 91 Cocos (Jeroen Kers Koos) 28 seconds this road became the winner of the war, 3 hours 50 minutes 20 seconds grades. The expedition second, Czech No. 1 Milan won third ADP team.

     Taipei RTS send guest team will tactics before the match carry out thoroughly, nice to win the game! Not only will the yellow shirts at the team, will also be group first grabbed the hand. While the rival Czech ADP team leader said in a post match interview, “central Taihu, Alois was very tired, so he missed the Fuzhou ring. We specifically to Milan to the team, as is able to have a good performance in the mountain stage. But as you can see, there are too many climbers RTS send guest in their squad, but we only Milan, so, unfortunately, we can not achieve the champion. But we still keep the polka dot Jersey, it is gratifying.”

     Big Chinese white shirt after the match was also changed hands, from Qinghai God save Germany team 122 good Wu Peilun won stage sixth, is the best grades Chinese driver, his white shirt into a bag, “can win the white shirt is not an accident, I was a climbing type driver, plus I go years than in the past here are more familiar with the road, do not know the half before the excessive consumption of their own strength, can in the back of the climbing and other competitors.” Talk low calm Wu Peilun explained, “I wasn’t in the other games eye-catching, so we are not too much attention to me. If I every game away before 20, let others know my strength key
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